BrightTarget Predictive Marketing Accelerator

A Proven Approach to Rapid Deployment of Predictive Analytics for B2B Sales & Marketing with Minimal Risk.

Predictive Analytics for B2B Sales & Marketing gives you the insights to better understand your customers and identify their value to your business, so you can focus your marketing activity on the right customers, in the right way, to be most effective.

It is the enabling technology that can unlock the huge untapped potential in your business, to make marketing more focused, more relevant and more effective.

At BrightTarget we understand that most B2B companies find it difficult to know where to start with Predictive. Using predictive on your data can seem like it requires a ‘leap of faith’.To overcome this ‘fear of the unknown’ we have developed a proven, structured approach that measures the value hidden in your customer and prospect data: the BrightTarget Predictive Marketing Accelerator.


As part of the Predictive Marketing Accelerator, BrightTarget suggested they could predict subscription churn 3 months in advance, at an estimated accuracy of 8 out of 10. They didn’t disappoint when we tested the results!”

Tony Skeggs, Chief Technology & Information Officer, PEI Media