Grow the Value of your Existing Customers

with Predictive Up-sell and Cross-sell

In B2B the ability to up-sell and cross-sell from a diverse portfolio of products and solutions is often fundamental to making profit. The B2B sales process is more complex, often with a significant cost of sale associated with it. For this reason it is essential that before spending on gaining new customers the existing customer base should be understood and matched to your companies portfolio of products.

Marketing Intelligence – Up-sell and Cross-sell

Target the right Customers
with the right Products

By analysing your historic sales data and intelligently segmenting all of your customers based upon behaviour, firmographics and other publicly available business signals, BrightTarget can accurately predict your customer’s needs. This is more than simple product recommendations based upon Amazon like ‘people that bought this also bought this’, it looks beyond just your previous purchases and considers many other factors about the business.

When you combine the above with Customer Lifetime Value, you can up-sell and cross-sell into your customer base taking into consideration the future potential value (margin) of that customer. Hence the up-sell and cross-sell activity is driven by long term margin (CLV), not just conversion (sales).

Upselling and Cross-selling is just the beginning, BrightTarget can also help you…

Advanced Customer

Automatically combine your internal data and market analysis with millions of external data points to create advanced new segments based on customer behaviour, product/brand and value.

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Retain Customers
You Want Most

Ensure you retain the right customers at the right price. Keep the ones you want most – those with the highest lifetime value and don’t spend time and budget on those that cost you money!

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Aquire More
Valuable Customers

Combine predictive lead scoring with customer lifetime value to ensure you target prospects who are both most likely to convert and most likely to be more valuable in the future.

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Measure Your True
Marketing ROI

Understand the true lifetime value of customers acquired through various channels, sources and campaigns. Optimise your CPA strategy and focus your activities on those that drive most value.

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How does BrightTarget work?


    Load your Customer and Transaction data using our pre-build cloud connectors or standard flat-file API


    BrightTarget automatically enriches & cleanses your data against our external data and signals


    BrightTarget analyses your data running powerful out-of-the-box predictive models


    Gain new insights through pre-build Analytics designed specifically for Marketers


    Feed data and insight into your CRM or Marketing Automation System to take action