Marketing Intelligence

the next generation of data-driven marketing

Marketing Intelligence considers lots of data from the various, and often diverse, marketing systems and uses machine learning to determine what data is relevant and provide intelligent insights back into the operational systems so they can generate better results. This could be providing better customer segmentation based upon behaviour, product recommendations based upon predicted need or predicting the probability a customer will leave.

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The Power of External Data

Cohort analysis based upon past ‘success and failure’ from the information stored within your CRM can reveal deep insights and patterns that can impact your entire customer data set. Detecting opportunity in your existing data, before you need to buy new customer data. By considering internal and external data signals it is possible to pinpoint which signals most impact each cohort, delivering more targeted and focused marketing campaigns and prospect segmentation.

Traditional firmographics do not often reveal as much as new data signals about your prospects. The method, which will most likely predict purchase behaviour, is matching your own CRM to external databases. Additional ‘New Data’ can include things like: Share price trends, Company age, growth pattern, site type, Twitter activity, Facebook activity, Online reviews, Website content, recent news, Directors

How Marketing Intelligence can supercharge your Marketing…

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Automatically combine your internal data and market analysis with millions of external data points to create advanced new segments based on customer behaviour, product/brand and value.

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Retain Customers
You Want Most

Ensure you retain the right customers at the right price. Keep the ones you want most – those with the highest lifetime value and don’t spend time and budget on those that cost you money!

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Upsell the right Products
to the right Customers

Uncover hidden value in your existing customer base. Offer the right products and services to the right customers to optimise their lifetime value. Sell products that grow loyalty with lower costs.

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Measure your true Marketing ROI

Understand the true lifetime value of customers acquired through various channels, sources and campaigns. Optimise your CPA strategy and focus your activities on those that drive most value.

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How does BrightTarget work?


    Load your Customer and Transaction data using our pre-build cloud connectors or standard flat-file API


    BrightTarget automatically enriches & cleanses your data against our external data and signals


    BrightTarget analyses your data running powerful out-of-the-box predictive models


    Gain new insights through pre-build Analytics designed specifically for Marketers


    Feed data and insight into your CRM or Marketing Automation System to take action