BIRMINGHAM, UK. June 2017.

BrightTarget  has been named as a “strong performer” in the June 2017 report, Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers.

BrightTarget, part of the Sidetrade Group (Euronext: ALBFR.PA), was cited for their straightforward, elegant UI and services that help customers focus on optimum segments and use cases”.

Published this week, the June 2017 report: The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Marketing Analytics For B2B Marketers, Q2 2017 evaluates the 11 most significant predictive marketing analytics (PMA) providers against 28 criteria, to help B2B marketers choose the best solution for their requirements.

The report notes that such examination is important “because early PMA adopters are seeing their efforts turn into real, measurable results.

Improved ability to identify new ready-to-buy prospects, enhance segmentation precision, and better prioritise sales-ready leads are among the efficiency enhancements that marketing and sales teams experience after deploying predictive analytics.”

The Forrester report recognises “the more advanced business-level outcomes that BrightTarget can predict” and that it predicts not only who will convert and when but also who will deliver the most lifetime value”. The report states that BrightTarget’s star rises by focusing on customers’ lifetime value:

“Incorporating unique information, such as invoice history, service records, and calculated cost to serve, BrightTarget helps business executives and marketers calculate their customer base’s current value. It then determines which steps to take with customers or prospects to maximize business equity.”

Despite being a “relative newcomer”, BrightTarget has quickly established itself as a significant player in this space. We believe these findings validate BrightTarget’s continued upward trajectory, reinforcing their recent acquisition by leading global predictive sales-to-cash provider Sidetrade.

The report’s profile of BrightTarget concludes that:

“B2B marketers wanting to drive sustainable business growth through marketing and sales efficiency — especially those in Europe — should take a look at BrightTarget to help drive revenue across the entire customer life cycle”

“Our mission at BrightTarget was always to revolutionise the way businesses gain insight from their data, translating raw data into simple, actionable insight”, said Glen Westlake, CEO of BrightTarget.

“We are very proud of our ranking in this report, which, in our opinion, clearly validates our ability to drive revenue across the entire customer lifecycle. We have proved ourselves significant players in the future of AI and predictive analytics, particularly within Europe.

We’re especially gratified by Forrester’s observation of our focus on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), as we firmly believe that increasing CLV is critical for our customers’ long-term business success.

The future is looking very positive, for BrightTarget and for the predictive marketing analytics landscape as a whole. We’re excited to help even more B2B organisations capitalise on predictive as the market matures”.

You can download your complimentary copy of the June 2017 Forrester Wave™: Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers here:

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