Some of our Customers

from FTSE trading companies to rapid growth startups

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

Sector: Publishing

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC runs media and information companies serving the global financial community. BrightTarget’s predictive capability has enabled Euromoney to leverage their existing and comprehensive customer data to target sales & marketing activities more effectively.

Using BrightTarget, Euromoney has uncovered large opportunities to optimise retention activities, give more attention to their better leads and promote additional products across their different brands.

  • This is the first time in many years that an advanced technology solution provides the insights necessary for us to really focus our marketing initiatives. Everyone that we have shown BrightTarget to is really keen to get hold of the insights, as they know it will help them prioritise activities and be more relevant and value focused

    Sunny Bath - Head of Technology Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

BSS Industrial (part of Travis Perkins PLC)

Sector: Building Services

BSS has a diverse set of building products and an equally diverse range of customers, which makes personalised marketing very difficult. Like most companies in this competitive sector, they have customers that leave unexpectedly and struggle to target their retention activities.

BrightTarget very quickly solved this problem by providing BSS with lists of customers whose buying patterns suggest that they could potentially leave. Better still the lists provided are prioritised by customer lifetime value, so BSS can focus their marketing budget on their most valuable customers.

  • BrightTarget regularly provides us with a list of customers whose buying patterns suggest they potentially could leave. But better still, this list is prioritised by value, so we can now focus our marketing budget on the most valuable customers.

    Jason Currall - Marketing Manager BSS Industrial (part of Travis Perkins PLC)

Selco Builders Warehouse

Sector: Builders Merchants

Selco Builders Warehouse has selected BrightTarget’s Predictive Analytics for B2B Marketing solution to continue its push into transforming the building industry with improved and more personalised customer engagement.

Following the footsteps of the best consumer brands, Selco is using all its trading history and available data to tailor its customer offers to make them more relevant and improve their customer’s experience. With so many customers, buying so many different products, via multiple channels, they needed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help. Using BrightTarget, they can now analyse all their data to learn what customers are likely to require and then satisfy this need more appropriately.

  • Selco is in a great position as we lead the way in selling and promoting our products digitally. This means we have lots of data to help us and lots of ways we can offer the best, most relevant products to our customers at the right price. After using BrightTarget for several months, we can now predict what our customers may want in the future and align our offers accordingly to grow our business even faster.

    Carine Jessamine, Marketing Director Selco Builders Warehouse

Company Check

Sector: Business Services

Company Check is the most used online business data provider in the UK delivering 100 million reports to over 20 million visitors in 2014 alone. With a go to market model of providing free online access to certain services, Company Check were keen to find a better way to target their marketing resources to optimise customer conversions from free registrations to paying customers.

Within a few days using BrightTarget, Company Check were able to upload their web registrations and obtain a scored list of the most likely registrations that would convert into paying customers, prioritised by potential lifetime value.

  • As a fast growing and innovative technology company, we knew we needed to use our data more intelligently to generate more revenue and profits. Working with BrightTarget gave us a great introduction to advanced analytics technology that otherwise we could never have afforded and enabled us to focus our marketing resources much more effectively

    Alistair Campbell - Founder Company Check