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Some of our Customers…

  • It was great to get a single view of our customer. I was really impressed with how quickly BrightTarget turned around our data. Thanks to BrightTarget, as part of our recently cleansed data we managed to reach over 11m people in a single days digital communications plan as part of the UN's World Water Day.

    Duncan Goose - Founder and CEO The One Brand

BrightTarget Predictive Use-Cases…

We supercharge Sales & Marketing by offering a full-suite of predictive services.
BrightTarget - full suite of predictive services

For Marketers…

  • Know exactly which accounts to target and align your strategy accordingly
  • Deliver more, highly-qualified leads to sales teams
  • Profile your customers and personalise communication at every touchpoint
  • Increase conversions by targeting customers with the right propositions
  • Easily measure marketing performance using attribution modelling

For Sales Teams…

  • Stop wasting time on leads least likely to close
  • Hit your accounts with products and propositions that they are likely to want
  • Accurately forecast deals likely to close and revenue
  • Validate your gut feel with advanced predictive insights
  • Close more leads by focusing on the right accounts

BrightTarget Features

Just a few of the things that make BrightTarget different…

The BrightTarget Data Index

BrightTarget automatically combines your internal data with millions of external data signals (including social media & classification data) across millions of worldwide companies, which makes our predictive capability incredibly powerful.

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

BrightTarget measures and tracks the true value of your customers by predicting CLV at an individual customer level. By using CLV at the heart of the platform we ensure every decision you make generates sustainable business value.

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You no longer need to make multi-million pound investments in statistical software packages, licenses, expensive hardware, data analysts and to have to recruit a team of Data Scientists. Get better performance from one low monthly fee.

Prescriptive Big Data Analytics

BrightTarget runs on a state-of-the-art “Big Data” platform combining some of the latest predictive, in-memory and petabyte-scale data processing technology. We use this tech to deliver actionable and prescriptive insights directly to Sales & Marketing teams.

Cloud - Rapid Deployment

The BrightTarget platform is cloud-based, with pre-built data connectors for most of the major CRM and Marketing Automation vendors (or you can use our simple file-based API) so getting value from your data happens in days, not months.

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Trust & Security

BrightTarget is trusted by FTSE trading companies. We know that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data are serious concerns for our customers. Our state-of-the-art architecture is designed to make your data as secure as physically possible.

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Learn More about Predictive Sales & Marketing…

Learning resources identifying key predictive use cases and benefits
Proud to be part of the Sidetrade group (Euronext: ALBFR.PA).

Proud to be part of the Sidetrade group (Euronext: ALBFR.PA).

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